About the Homework

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I know it’s probably not the most catching idea, a blog about homework, but this is not just any homework. It’s simple, adaptable to your daily life, good for you, and maybe even fun. However, it’s important that we get one thing straight: they aren’t assignments. Obviously I won’t be grading you. Rather, I am merely sharing my explorations, discoveries, and ideas–and you have the option to explore, too.

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As a massage therapist, I am constantly pondering what’s going on in my clients’ bodies and how they and I can make things better. Although bodywork can be done TO a person and that is plenty fine, more productive change can occur when it is done WITH a person, the therapist and client working as a team to achieve their goal of a healthier, happier body.
The purpose of this blog is to provide readers with exercises, stretches, playful tools that I think can help prolong the effects of massage. Massage, and other health practices, can provide much needed relief from pain, tension, and soreness, can assist in recovery from injury and surgery, and can lead to greater ease in the body. But once you get up off the table, what’s to keep your tissues from tensing up again as you resume your life?


Sometimes a good massage is all one needs to achieve their goals for health. More often, something more is needed to retain the positive change that massage created. Similarly, simply doing these exercises and stretches on their own will carry some benefit; however, direct manipulation of the tissue can communicate with the body in ways unlike any self massage tool or exercise regimen.


The actual content that I wish to share is not necessarily unique, but ideas and concepts that I’ve learned through my educational, work, and life experiences. It is my strong desire to not misconvey any concepts or simply state false information. I’ll do my best to avoid these possibilities, but keep in mind that I’m a human being and my worldly wisdom is limited. I intend this blog to evolve as my experience in this career does. I welcome you to inform me politely if you find that I do end up being repetitive, confusing, or misinformed in any of my future articles.



Who I am:

My name is Caroline Snijder van Wissenkerke. I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2012 with a B.S. in Molecular Environmental Biology. In 2015 I became a licensed massage practitioner after completing my education at the finest massage school in Washington, Discoverypoint School of Massage. Since then, I have continued to learn from co-workers, CE courses, and most of all, the experience of doing massage with real, live people.



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