Scalene Stretch



This stretch could be good for you if you often:

  • Crane your neck forward when working on a computer or something else in front of you
  • Experience stress
  • Breathe more with the upper part of your torso.
  • Hold your head at a particular angle such as when reading, talking on the phone, or working with machinery Continue reading

Bending Down


As discussed in previous posts “Sitting in Chairs” and “Hamstring Stretch,” many people spend a lot of time with a rounded back. It’s hard to think of an occupation that doesn’t require continuous bending over throughout the day. Whether you sit or stand at a desk, perform physical labor, look after small children, play sports—most activities induce you to lean forward at some point in some way. While there’s nothing wrong with this, the act of bending forward or hunching over is often the cause of chronic pain for people who have been doing it the same way for a long, long time. I’m going to share a few ways to help change things up and give your sad back muscles a break. Continue reading

Sitting in Chairs


Most of us “know” that we ought to sit with “good posture,” but despite the ample opportunity for practice, we tend to allow ourselves to remain in more familiar positions, like crossing our legs and various forms of slouching. A couple reasons for this can be that we actually don’t know how we ought to sit differently, or it feels like too much effort to stay in good alignment for long especially when trying to concentrate on the task before us. If these excuses hold true for you as they have for me, then hopefully you will find some enlightenment in what I have to share. Continue reading

Slouching with Purpose


When I decided to become a massage therapist, I envisioned that, learning about good posture and all sorts of things about keeping the body healthy, I would simply stop slouching. In the end of course, even with my new knowledge, I did not miraculously cease falling into my own habitual positional patterns. But all of us, not just enlightened massage therapists, know that slouching is bad. So why do we persist in this behavior? Continue reading

Scapula Depressions



This is an exercise that is great to do if you feel that you “carry” your stress in your shoulders. If you have tension in your upper to mid back, between your shoulder blades, or you do a lot of work with your arms in front of you, such as riding a bike, chopping vegetables, typing on a computer, holding a steering wheel, carrying a backpack, and photographing cats. Continue reading